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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  November 8, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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for democrats. they haven't had a good morning like this probably since barack obama got re-elected. >> especially in virginia. from the top of the ticket to the state house, democrats are celebrating this morning. we need to hit the ground running and i plan to hit the ground running. >> no rest this morning for governor elect rawl if northam. >> virg hinia has voted and now talking about it. i'm justin
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democrats out performed last night. news4 midday starts now. >> good morning everyone. welcome to news4 midday. moments ago next governor wrapped up a press conference northam. >> among other things talked about discussion about gun violence. wants to grow the economy and promote what he called 21st century jobs. he said voters sent a message to the white house last night. >> the divisiveness, the hatere, bigotry that is tearing this country a part, that's not united states, it's certainly not the commonwealth of virginia that they love. >> that was northam response to the very first question, which was about the president. he also emphasized diversity and inclusivity. in rich mobbed right now
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later today on news4. ed gillespie gave his speech last night and offered his support to the governor elect. republican showed signs he was closing the gap, but northern virginia showed up in big numbers for northam. from richmond he thanked his supporters and his staff for all their hard work. >> virginia voters also made political history. >> the next delegate on the caucus. [ cheers and applause ] >> the win many are talking about this morning is danica roem, first transgender to hold an asset in the delegates. also democrat justin fairfax is the state's newest lieutenant governor. governor wilder was
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governor from 1990 to 1994. and women also making history in virginia, hala, and making them first two latinos in government. >> right now several seats are too close to call so expecting a recount are both separated by fewer than 100 votes. now democrats picked up 16 seats in the house of delegates so far. they need 18 to take control of the majority. >> this morning we are hearing from voters about what they said mattered most to them when they cast their ballot. news4 justin finch is live at those issues. good morning. >> reporter: hey there good morningment health care, immigration, big issues that drove voters out to the
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yesterday. we asked them what do they think led to the big sweep last night? they said not one or two points but also look to last year when the nation elected president. they say the nation saw just how quickly their voices could make a difference. and so last night they say virginia spoke up. . this day after election day still a stunner for many virgin virginians and the country. >> i think it was a surprise. >> i wasn't expecting it. i was expecting ed gillespie to win. >> reporter: more than a lot of votes highest since 2009. we asked voters what pushed them to the poles. >> jobs, and health care. >> we want a man that's strong and professional. >> reporter: those findings are in line with nbc exit polling. nbc finds president trump was not a major factor for just under half of virginia
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their results showed top issues were health care followed by gun policy and immigration. some say they are just fatigued by the process. >> i don't want to even watch news, anything. i just want to be, you know, out of that. >> reporter: in lou den count where governor northam out voted by 4 percentage points. >> no one showed up for the presidential election. everyone is going to show up now. >> reporter: from the top of the ticket on down democrats drove a wave. the new democratic national chair already saying virginia will be blueprint for upcoming races. back in lou den one voter has this voting. >> i don't think politics of in i blueprint worked ever. it always changes. >> reporter: and so about that blueprint, voters say it also needs energy and that's for candidatesb
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and platform and also at the right time. and that energy they say maybe hard to maintain going into the 2018 midterm. so we'll have to wait and see. we are live in tyson, i'm justin finch, news4, back in to you. >> thank you. president trump slammed the republican candidate for virginia governor he had previously supported. he said ed gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what i stand for. this morning on morning joe, joe scarborough called that tweet a big mistake. >> well, last night donald trump can try to blame ed gillespie a guy that he got behind big time. he can blame ed gillespie all you want. guess what? the real story here is what happened in the virginia house of delegates. it was a massive land slide all across the commonwealth of virginia. nobody expected this. even the smartest
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this was a repud yags of donald trump that will be heard around virginia, the nation, and yes, around the world. the whole world. >> scarborough says this is assign of things to come as republicans try to regroup ahead of next year's midterm election. you can see the nbc washington app. >> all right. let's check weather now. after a cold and wet day, so starting to dry out, but not exactly warming up too much. >> sheena parveen joins us with what we can expect for the rest of wednesday. still chilly out there. >> yes, still cold enough for very warm jacket. and erica, 45 degrees right now. clouds are still with us. we have the over cast skies. clouds are pretty much locked in so we don't expect anything in the way of sunshine today unless you are heading farther up to the north. temperatures 44 in the area. but as we
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the suburbs will be upper 40s through the afternoon. as far as rain we don't expect that with the clouds around. but for today you'll want the jacketment by friday it will get colder. saturday morning widespread twreez. i'll tell you about that coming up. >> thank you, sheena. developing this morning we are working to know the name of the victim in the crash shut down for several hours overnight. d.c. police say the crash happened on avenue northeast near benning road around around midnight. not clear what caused the crash. roads there are starting to clear now. we are now weeks away from new tolling kicking in along i-66. >> a lot of new rules are out there you have to pay attention. >> transp
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tuss is out there what you should know. adam? >> reporter: huge changes coming here, erica. take a look. we are right by the tolling technology. and you can see the toll testing sign where it says it's actually in progress. but, guys, starting in just a couple of weeks the tolls start. you have a lot to study up on. along i-66 inside the beltway, things are about to change in a big way. and not everyone is ready. >> i was actually looking at it they are putting up hov, i don't understand which is which. >> reporter: she lives in the falls church area and does know tolls is coming here and she can pay to use the lanes. >> my husband and i were talking today it's going to be expensive to drive to work. >> reporter: would you do it? >> if i'm running late i would. >> reporter: basically going to operate the belt lane exp
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direction. so pay attention here. you can always use the lanes for free if you are hov 2 but you can also now pay to use the lanes. in the morning the eastbound direction will be tolled. in the afternoon the westbound direction will be tolled. and average toll inside the beltway is expected to be five or six. that's five or six bucks for the promise of a speedy commute. transportation leaders hope this actually encourages more people to carpool or take mass transit. still, others like kate say the changes don't matter. she will never even consider 66. you are willing to sit in traffic? >> not for 66 i avoid anyway whe. >> reporter: whether you ride or not be aware change is on the way. vdot leaders aren't saying when it will start. we do know it's sometime next month in december but also a meeting tomorrow with the state transportation secretary. and
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date then. back to you. >> adam tuss, thank you. security guards arrested the service they were allegedly selling to other guards at a government facility. and a closer look atman that killed 26 people in church. the warning signs that may have been missed and
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four security guards at a government facility are being indicted on several counts, including theft and extortion. prince georgia officials say they were demanding payout from other guards in exchange from passing marks on their weapon recertification. at least seven guards agreed to pay. we don't know who failed the tests. a d.c. te
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to report possible sexual abuse. here's reporter. >> reporter: tells the news4 i-team how public charter school handled the case of holman. we learned after sexually abusing a 14-year-old student from prior school years area. d.c. police say they didn't know about him until a year later when the victims came to him. he pleaded guilty likely years in prison. he didn't comment to the news4 i-team after court. declined to answer your questions too, capital city, and issued a statement we are confident that we discharged our responsibilities properly in this matter. we cooperated with law enforcement in all phases of the investigation. news4 i-team also learned in the year between his firing and arrest, he found
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job in a different school district with some great references from some of his former capital city colleagues. part of the story in news4 i-team investigation tonight on news4. for now scott mcfarlane. wife and children are planning his children this morning in and they are working to learn what caused the plane crash that killed halladay. he bought the plane with a month ago. he was 40 years old. best known for stellar baseball career where he won more than 200 games, a perfect game and multiple multiple cy young awards. 26 people killed after a gunman opened fire on a church service. i
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more about the gunman, kelley. according to applies he briefly escaped in new mexico in 2012. also got into trouble for bringing guns on a military base and threatening his superiors. also named as a suspect in 2013 sexual assault in his hometown. he killed himself after sunday's shooting. after a series of mass shootings, the debate over how to prevent future cases is heating up. president trump said the church massacre in texas is not a gun issue, rather, a mental health issue. here to provide a psychiatric perspective on the issue is psychiatrist josh whiner. thanks for being here t sadly, here we are again, after everyone of these traegedies ho do we understand the motive. what can we prevent something like this? >> so always going for the psychological profile of the killer. when i watch this i think to myel
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i mean, yes i understand that you want to try to prevent these things. but the reality l as a psychiatrist, it is really really hard to predict human behavior. the best predictor is past behavior. so when looking at something like suicide i have a hard time predicting which of my patients might do that. best guess is if they had previous one. when you are looking at events, it's not like you have a previous masz killing. so i think i understand the desire to develop this psychological profile, but i think when they do develop these profiles unfortunate also these profiles will apply to thousands if not more people in society. people who have anger problems. people with mental illness. people with drug problems. access to guns. et cetera. so i think it is just really, really hard to address this problem. >> and that's tough when you consider some of the victims in these cases. and everybody talks about looking back at
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the signs were there. what are people supposed to be paying attention to? >> well, i think you have to pay attention to whether somebody has a history of violent behavior. like in this case the guy had domestic violence issues. generally going to be something that they've done in the past that indicates that they sfr a tendency towards violence. that's number one. the other is do they have a significant mental illness, are they a male in 20s or 30s, because that tends to be profile. and you want to make sure that you are getting that person the help they need. you want to headacmake sure if e is dumb enough to post something online, that's something you can't ignore. they are not going to do it, that's a red flag you must act on. but if anything can come out of this that might help preventing some future events, i do think it raises awareness for people
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concerned about this person. i worry that maybe they could become this next killer so let's get them the help they need. >> and mental advocates are quick to point out people with mental illness are more likely to be the victims not the perpetrators. what is your insight of that? >> i have a hard time with that comment. so i do believe that, yes, people with mental illness are often the victims. but i also think there is a little bit of twisting that i think goes on here for the sake of trying to destigmatize mental illness. the reality is if you have significant mental illness you are more likely than someone in the general population to have problems with violence, just the way it is, we don't like to say it, but it is true. the second thing is if you committed a violent act, by definition something is wrong with you mentally, right. you do not do these things if something is not wrong with you mentally. now we might not have a label for it yet. we can't necessarily say maybe you have schizophrenia
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bipolar but maybe you have an anger problem so everybody who does this has a psychiatric problem. >> very tough issue to address. thanks as always for your insight. >> thanks. well, we have bad news for people who enjoyed the warm early fall, especially this weekend. and long winded on twitter, the change that has people scrolling further and further and further down on their feed.
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whbeat the odds so i can play with my grandkids. so i can celebrate 50. when i was 14, they saved my heart so i could bring family together. so i can help cardiac patients just like me. so i can serve my country. so i can do what i love. so i can give back. so i can play in the junior olympics. so i can make plays. so i can do this. so i can race my friends. children's national didn't just help us grow up, they helped us grow up stronger.
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of time trying to condense your last tweet? well, that's the thing of the past. twitter has doubled the character limit from 140 to 280. that's a lot of characters. began testing last night. and said the old character limit made more people spend more time. hopes the new limit will get more people to tweet m
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looks weird in your feed though a lot of words. and twitter is supposed to be fad. >> i don't like it. they look like facebook posts on there. too much. >> true. i like pictures there. that's why we like instagram. i like to look at the picture. read the first sentence then my reading gets selective. so i don't know if a long tweet is a good idea. not for me anyway. but today a gray day. it's gray and chilly outside. and tomorrow is going to be much of the same. these clouds are locked in for a couple days. so don't expect to see too much in the way of sunshine today. but we will stay nice and dry south of the district. we could see a couple sprinkles that's about it. but again looking pretty decent a side from the warm jacket. we have a weather alert friday night into saturday morning, we have a freeze coming with wind chills in the teens. it's going to get cold going into the weekend. right now 45 washington, 45 dulles. 43 in clinton. here is a look at all theud
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pretty much locked in. a few sprinkles moving along the eastern show. that's about it. if you are walking the dog, or need ha da dog to adopt, you ca to the website to find out who to adopt. but temperatures upper 40s. 7:00 p.m. clouds are still with us. we'll jump ahead to friday. i'm going to show you how cold it's going to feel. breezy through the day. temperatures mid-40s but could be feeling like the 30s through the day friday. then we go into saturday morning. feeling like the teens through the morning on saturday. actual temperatures will be in the 20s and through saturday afternoon feeling like the 30s. it's going to get cold around here. if you have any sensitive plants cover them up on friday because you don't want them to die going into the weekend. but still stay dry. >> thanks,
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president trump calls his trip unforgettable. and issues on the top of his agenda. >> they had no record, no prediction, no reports of a storm of the scale that you are talking about. how do you come to terms with that? >> well, i understand fish stories. and tough questions for two women rescued after being lost at
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nobody should have to decide whether they have to put food on the table or go see a provider. and i remind people all the time no individual, no family should be one medical illness a way from financial demise. >>
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most important. since winning the election last night. specifically he referred to the opioid crisis gripping the country. also reached out to voters all across the commonwealth including rural virginia where he wanted to expand technology and jobs. >> a former tv anchor won in the district. >> chris hurst quit his job after his girlfriend was killed. her and her cameraman were shot and killed in southwestern virginia in 2013. he ran for a democrat and universal background checks for guns. president trump is on critical visit to china. started visit by getting
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of the historic city ancient imperial palisace. he hit on today in a speech to south korea national assembly. >> the weapons you are acquiring are not making you safer. they are putting your regime in grave danger. eve step you take down this dark path increases the peril you face. the president is expected to demand that china curtail dealings with north korea. also expected to push china on trade. while north korea nuclear threat has heightened political tensions, south korea is focused on upcoming winter olympics in february. the president was in south korea yesterday but did not advise it the
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it was too foggy to fly there. and you can only visit the area with a tour group and they focus on the sites in that region and not the history of the korean war. it was built in the armistice agreement that ended korean war. it is an eery place unlike any other in the world. and you can watch my full story coming up at news4 at 5:00. up date now washington is getting closer to erecting a monument former d.c. mayor barry. he served four terms as mayor and three terms on d.c. council. gave preliminary approval yesterday to put up an eight-foot bronze statue outside city hall. final approval next meeting. barry died at the age of 78. >> today is national stem day encourage kids to explore in science techgy
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interested early. and one woman recognized that and created stem career. here to show you house science can be fun. i have gloves on. thank you for joining us on midday. tell us about this program and why you started this. >> thank you. well, i'm so happy be to here with my daughter nia because she's the inspiration behind the program. so i come from a family of scientists and engineers i grew up in houston and grew up doing my science projects in the science lab. and when she was in kindergarten i went and said where is the science lab? they didn't have one. so studies show when they do projects with their friends they are more exciting and kid engineer was born when she was in kindergarten and we've been able to help thousands of kids. >> fantastic. what type of classes can yo
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offer? where can parents and kids get the hands on this? >> definitely. not really for parents but they can support their kid by putting them in programs like this. and currently in laurel, maryland, you can sign up by the web account, and, and we private classes. >> we are going to get our hands dirty. what are we making today? >> we are making elephant toothpaste. so foam is air bubbles filled with oxygen. >> i love it. tell me what to do. elephant toothpaste? >> so we have our yeast here and you'll be adding 6 table spoons of water. >> we need glasses. we have to speed this up. tell me what to do. >> all right. add this in here, yeast, and you'll take your spoon and stir that up. so while you are doing that, you are making that. while you
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adding one cup of hydrogen peroxide. she's going to go ahead and add food coloring because we want it to be exciting. what you are doing is making the catalyst, so the catalyst is the helper. so we are going to have the wow factor. >> we have 30 seconds. what do i do? >> she's going to add one table spoon. we'll hold this and pour it in. >> pour it in. that looks cool. >> it's foaming up. so what are you supposed to use this for? >> this is just, we are making foam, and so we call it elephant toothpaste because it's the size of a toothpaste that it look like an elephant would use. >> i love this. thank you so very much for being with us. we really support you in your effort to get more kids involved in stem. thank you. >> thank you. >> a lot of fun. thank you. >> all right. back over to you. >> very cool. very cool. . az
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service questioning the security of what users can expect and why some are saying no w
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. amazon key launches today. this is new service available to amazon prime memb
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drivers to enter your home and leave packages inside your front door. that would happen with your permission, of course. you do have to buy a kit which includes a camera and a wifi connected smart rock that would allow you to view your delivery as it happens. this new service has started a firestorm of people not comfortable letting strangers into their home. i did a twitter poll 90% said no way, i don't care if there is a camera. >> unless my dog is the one taking package from there and making sure they don't come in. >> right. have your guard dog. >> you can have that on the other side of the door. >> this is why i love them back there. yes. no, i would not do that. >> me either. >> it would be a little weird letting someone come in. >> anyhow, definitely a lot colder today. boy, yesterday was nasty. today at least we don't have the rain. >> yeah, that's good about today. gray, cold outside but no rain. that is one thing we can be
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thankful with today's weather. cold again tonight. cool tomorrow but maybe a touch warmer than today. here's a live look outside. we have the gray skies. going to hang around all day long. clouds are locked in. not going anywhere. except if you go further north, you'll see some more clearing. but for today we'll keep the clouds aroundment. temperatures are in the '40s. not warm up. thicker cloud cover further south of the district where we could see a couple of sprinkles. there you see the clouds start to thin out up north and filtered sunshine. for today though 49 for a high. mostly cloudy. take a look what's glog to happen as we go through the rest of the week into the weekend. normal high is 61 degrees. lately we've been above normal. but now we'll be below normal. our weather pattern is changing and it's going to stay like that all the way into next wee
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weekend. widespread freeze saturday morning, temperatures in the 20s, cover the sensitive plants. and by saturday afternoon only in the mid-40s but weekend so far looks dry. the cold air is going to stick around. >> thank you, sheena. rescued at sea, it was many of us cheered. after the break, the questions the two women are forced to answer. and one of a kind food marketplace is coming to d.c. in just a matter of days. a look at what you can expect is in our studio right now. look at all those goodies. we'll help
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z2l2xz z16fz y2l2xy y16fy safrom classic toly descontemporary. e, at havertys furniture, take one hundred dollars off every thousand, now through monday. plus, you can finance with no interest for 24 months
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at prices you'll love. with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. hurry, sale ends monday at havertys. life looks good. the two sailors behind the amazing tail of being lost at sea for five months. are being questioned about what happened. >> the u.s. coast guard said they had an emergency beacon a board their sail boat that was
11:46 am
their encounters included sharks. and the two made their way to the "today" show this morning. and when asked about the storms, they said they were very big and dangerous. and here's what they had to say when matt lawyuer asked them abt the sharks. >> we were too ignorant to do what the sharks were doing. we didn't realize that's what we were being told until too late. >> the sailors said they didn't use the beacon because they were not in imminent peril. apparently they say that they are sticking by their story and they would voyage out on another trip but with modifications. lucky to be alive. >> absolutely. i want to tell but an innovative program that helps teens help challenge dealing
11:47 am
and social media. it can be overwhelming. talking about how teens cope. >> reporter: sources of strength is it a radically strength based program. >> it's kids helping kids. students reaching out. learning how to identify signs of emotional stress and learning what to do whether they see them. bobby donahue of sources of strength is leading this class today. the students in this class are here on a rare friday off. first some ice breakers and positive exercises so everyone can learn more about each othot themselves. soon the subjects became more intense. bobby has asked the teenagers what stresses them out the most, along with school and sports, they say. >> not getting the work done in the house so falls apart. >> yeah, relationships are
11:48 am
not only encourages people to speak up about their own feelings, but urges them to reach out to adults who can intervene when needed and help with treatment. and it teaches them how to navigate that tricky line between being a caring trustworthy friend and sounding the alarm. >> our thanks. one of the coolest most interesting foodie vents of the year is back in d.c., em pour um that features more than 100 unique vendors from across the country and happening this weekend at dock 5 at union market. and joining me now are the founders. thanks for being here. the em pour um is so fun. one of the favorite thing is handmade carmel things. so tell us what you'll have this year. >> 100 vendors coming from the local dmv but all over the country. so for example coffee
11:49 am
runs the gamut. >> i love this. tell us about swissle. >> no, we are trying to put our own spin on hot dogs. been experimenting on fried chicken sandwich. >> we have diced sweet onion. >> i've had this, really yummy. >> so add this together. swissle drizzle on top. >> we have event doing clihicke sliders. >> so while i try to eat this. tell me why this is different to the swissle thing and what makes your dog special? >> really comes down to quality. try to put emphasis on customer experience, and also our topics made from
11:50 am
to bring our very best to the food scene. >> very good. no graceful way to eat a hot dog. >> how do you find the vendors? >> this is our fourth year doing it. so this is our 8th em pour um. so a lot of vendors participated they tell their family and friends next thing we get samples in the mall. we try everything sold at the event. so nothing that we haven't vetted and it's going to it be amazing. >> so you've tried everything? >> yes. >> anything we can't miss before we go this weekend? >> i can't choose just a few. but doi have to say you do have to try this soft taffy from detroit. >> thank you so much. this is this weekend. tickets still available but as you can imagine they are going fast. for more information i'll post
11:51 am
thanks so much. can't wait. it's going to be so fun. all right. erika. >> okay. we are trying to crack the code on puppy training with the newest edition
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11:53 am
target is going to be giving shoppers a taste of black friday deals earlier this year. company is
11:54 am
shopping wednesday before thanksgiving. that same morning -- >> keep track of all the sales. >> more than 100 deals will go live on and most amazing deals before thanksgiving. happy shopping. >> two of the top nationals are hoping to win big awards for pitching, national league cy young awards. shir sir won it last year. good luck to them both. last week i talked about the new edition to our family, puppy. giant step. there he is leo. i've never had a puppy new to me. so i enlisted the help of animal specialist from the rescue alliance. >> they range from getting the practical. you'll get more exercise. to the sub line
11:55 am
but the truth is being a dog owner requires a lot of work. >> you are building habits for you want to manage, manage, manage, so he doesn't develop bad habits. >> alexander dilly from the washington alliance offers new advice for people like us. >> you don't want him running around the house learning to pea and p pee and poop around the house. >> but dilly says it is important to socialize the puppy as much as possible. >> so can sleep in the same room as us? >> yes, as long as he is in the crate. he should be crated every single night. >> and let him sleep in the crate while in the room? >> yeah. a lot of dogs get scared by the camera and he's a natural. i guess because he's in your family.
11:56 am
>> our big thanks to alexander dilly from the humane rescue alliance. all her instructions work when we follow her instructions, it really works, and the kids have been so far so good. >> taken on the responsibility? >> yeah, they love him so much. >> you are not having to get after them, who is take the dog out? >> sometimes they'll argue but they have it under control. let's see how it works, because they are fighting over who gets to sleep with him and i'm trying though keep him in the crate. >> all right. tina, so one final work. gray out there. >> yeah, gray outside, no rain. but we'll keep the clouds around 49 degrees. now the big thing as we go through the rest of the week into the weekend will be the freeze saturday morning. so if you missed it earlier, you want to cover sensitive plants on friday because saturday morning temperatures will be in the 20s. maybe feeling like the teens with any wind we have around through saturday
11:57 am
temperatures in the 30s in sunday. mid-50s friday. so next chance of rain would be monday. after that all these temperatures below normal for this time of year. the normal high is actually 61 degrees. we don't have any above normal temperatures in the forecast. actually going to stay colder than average as we go through the weekend and into next week. guys? >> all right. thank you, sheena. that's it for news4 midday. thanks for joining us. back on the air this afternoon. >> and get the news and weather updates with the nbc washington app. hope you have a great day and we'll see you tomorrow morning.
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♪ we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> do you wish to adopt this child as your legally adopted son? >> we do. >> we do. >> and what name shall this child be known? >> randall kenneth pearson. >> you have done the hard work. you've chosen to love. i, on the other hand, have the pleasure of signing it into law. congratulations. >> thank you so much! >> thank you. >> i feel like it's our adoption. a beautiful, happy moment for the pearson family when randall is officially adopted. rough road to get there but the ending was so beautiful. >> yes, because another judge, an african-american judge didn't fe


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